Dhaval Adjodah

PhD Student at the MIT Media Lab

Dhaval worked in finance and data science before starting his PhD at the MIT Media Lab in the Human Dynamics group focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Finance. He is interested in understanding how large groups of people can sense new information, together make decisions efficiently, and be organized to implement changes collectively.

His work is relevant to modeling cognition, organizational change, crowd-sourcing, voting, policy-making and innovation. Some of his past work include how to encourage long-term change in individual behavior and, how to combine experts and crowds to make better predictions of asset prices. Dhaval also holds a master's degree in technology policy from MIT and an bachelor's in physics also from MIT.

Bayo Olatunji

Geek, Developer, Student and Entrepreneur

Bayo graduated from MIT in 2011, where he studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with minors in Creative and Technical Writing. He worked at Microsoft for 5 years as a program manager on Windows & Windows Phone. Bayo considers himself a geek/developer/student/entrepreneur. Given this is an ever-changing world, He must keep learning, embrace ambiguity, and find the positive outcome of chaos, in order to move forward into the future.

Helping everyone reach their full potential is what drives Bayo in life. He wants the world to be a place where all citizens are aspired and self-efficient, a place where the government focuses on the well-being of its citizens, a place that focuses and solves real world problems. This led him to his passion to pioneer the future. Bayo believes the sky is NOT the limit. Our imaginations are... He plans to leverage this belief and passion into something that can help others grow.

Zhizhuo Zhang

Postdoctoral Researcher in MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Zhizhuo Zhang is a postdoctoral researcher in MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory,and innovating machine learning and genomics technologies in applications of health care.

He published scientific papers in high-impact journals such as Nature, Cell, and is the recipient of Broad Institute BN10 Award. He has great passion in entrepreneurship, and he is also the founder and CEO of a biotech startup GeneTank, a fellow of MIT IMPACT program and the postdoc representative in the working group for MIT incubator "The Engine".

Dishita Turakhia

Architect & Researcher

Designer of spaces and explorer of places, she has studied and worked in India, Switzerland, UK and Singapore. She has collaborated with eminent researchers and worked at top international practices. Awarded distinction for her thesis, she continues her academic pursuit through teaching and workshops.

Architect and researcher by profession, she is forever a student by nature. Culture, technology and people are her favorite subjects and she aspires connect them through her work in design and photography.

Awa Koné

2nd year MBA student

Awa Koné is a second year MBA student at the Sloan school of management, currently pursuing the Entrepreneurship and Innovation track.

She is also the president of the Sloan Africa Business Club and deeply passionate about economic development in Africa. Prior to business school, she worked as an actuarial consultant in the field of retirement and life insurance for five years.

Zehreen Etwarooah

Sophomore at MIT

Zehreen is a sophomore at MIT, majoring in Biological Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. While her lab research focuses on the functional analysis of circRNA molecules in mammalian brains, she is concurrently working on a totally different start-up project involving a portable allergen sensing device.

A maker at heart, Zehreen enjoys spontaneously getting into 'maker mode' and bringing her ideas to existence by building them. As a Mauritian biological engineer and entrepreneur in the making, her main interests lie in two main areas: the betterment of biochemical/biophysical research in Mauritius, and advances in entrepreneurship endeavors on the island.